fluffy jacket

bundica 1 bundica 2 bundica 3

wearing: mango fluffy jacket (old), h&m jeans and shirt, zara booties, chanel sunnies, versace bag.

Had a lot of fun today and got lucky cous i found 20 euros on the street uhuuu 🙂 anyway i bought a new shirt and i finally got chanel bronzer !!

pink is da new thing!!


Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane

Yes is man fall collection! I fell in love with this pink coat i want it so much its super cool and would make those cold grey days , worm and pinkish. And yeah u will get noticed everywhere u go..!!

zara tee

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wearing: zara tee, ferre sunnies, h&m jeans, zara satin mules.

I fell in love with this shirt so, so much. love this cut. I was looking for something other and than wola iv seen this babe i got the white one as well it remaind me of Helmut Lang that iv been eyeing a long time,love those basics couldnt live without them. This jeasn are so thight i made a huge mistake i should get bigger size cous i cant move 🙂 xx.


DSC00635 DSC00655

wearing: zara top,levis 501 shorts,h&m belt, superga sneakrs.

Say hello to my new superga!! im so in love with them since i was a little girl, they kind of run through my family everyone was wearing them but mostly my lovely super stylish aunt. U can match them with anything and they are so good for summer time..any time actually!!!?


IMG_5851 IMG_5854 IMG_5899 IMG_5909IMG_5869 IMG_5915 IMG_5923

Some photos i took while in Budva, god i wonna go again for a third time this year, had a lot of fun. Anyway my bikinis are from charliebymz and dolce&gabbana im all about tiny bikinis. I took this with iphone..so they are not that pro … 😛

H & M jumpsuit

DSC00621DSC00610DSC00593 DSC00605

wearing: h&m jumpsuit , mng sandals.

I love this jumpsuit its so comfy, elegant and fresh. White is my fav. those days actually im usually about white black and gray thats kind of my thing for me its all about being simple and looking like a million, cous simple never goes out of style !!

zara shorts

DSC00551 DSC00556 DSC00564

zara:shorts, hm:shirt, hm:belt, zara:mules, stella mcc. sunnies

I havent post in a while, been a little busy, ill post more often now. Its almost impossible to get dressed because all im thinking of are bikinis 🙂 its like million degrees .

love 4ever


wearing: hm waist, levis 501 shorts, mango sandals, versace bag, ferre vintage sunnies.

During this hot days all i can think of are cut-offs sandals and shirts. Love this waist i got in Amsterdam long time ago ill always be sorry that i didnt get the same one in black, while hanging out i was really in love with this wall and this beautiful poem…so i took some photos hope u like it <3

white swag

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wearing: h&m jacket, isabel marant etoile shirt, versace vintage mini, mng sandals.

White world, white jacket, white shirt taking photos in my white town Belgrade !! Had lot of fun felt so fresh and new, summer is here and white is da new old thing 🙂 !!!