white waistcoat look


wearing: h&m waistcoat, levis 501 vintage jeans, zara mules, stellamc. sunnies

Its so hot here in Belgrade, so hard to survive this summer nights, cant get enough sleep. Drinking lot of water and lemonade is keeping me alive. I got this idea of taking sewing lessons cous thats something i really love and its so good for your nerves, cous it keeps u calm. I have this old amazing machine and neighbor lady who can help me with it. That feeling u get when u actually make something of your own is incredible, thats why i love any kind of art cous u can leave a mark of your own and bring something new to this world even if its a song, poem or clothing piece or painting it sets your soul free, and thats the thing we all wont dont we?

Birthday girl

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wearing: h&m jeans, mango sandals, h&m x balmain top, amzing jacket from Claude Barthelemy.

i got a new camera so happy, images are so good soo it was super hard for me to chose best once. Today is my birthday and i just cant believe, i adore this jacket it has a special place in my hart it use to be my ants and its very lovely gift from my grandma!!

Im gone wear a white dress tonight and will do some shots tomorrow.


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wearing: benetton top, levis 501 shorts, mango old sandals and this amazing luxurious vintage bag.

Love this top, looks really sexy on everything, cool and effective cant get enough from this simple amazing stuff, im so in love with this snake side bag that i got as present from a really special person.

it jeans

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jeans H&M similar here, tee isabel marant, sunnies ferre vintage.

I found those at hm was so happy cous they look even better than vetements once and they fit perfect, feel like i just won lottery cous this once were last pair in my size!!

oversized bomber

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wearing: man jacket from calliope (similer here and here and here), zara tee here, levis 501 vintage jeans.

My brother bought this jacket in black than i found the smallest size in green and got it. Bomber jackets are everywhere, they are super comfy and u can where them with almost everything and anything. Jeans and leggings are perfect match.

soleil tan de chanel


As many of u already know theres no much i can say about this bronzer, iv been using it for 5 months already is the best stuff ever it gives that natural glow to my skin, u can use it on your whole face or with foundation on your chicks or under your make up. This tube is cutest and it last forever and is worth the money, trust me!!