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wearing: zara < skirt, tee and sneakrs. fur my own, sunnies stellamc.

I really liked a pair of celine pull on sneakrs, than i saw a pair of similar zara once (way chipper) but they had a golden strap so i kind of re-designed them, i removed the golden strap and exchange a little golden strep on back with white one and taraaa got this one !!

the white scarf



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wearing: zara jacket and scarf, versace bag, ray ban sunnies, h&m jesans, zara aka celinee sneakers.

This scarf is having a moment in my life right now, i just cant take it off since i got it (on sale in zara) its warm in off for this weather but its super stylish and completes almost every look i pull. love it !!

balmain x supermodels

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Oh my god i love Cindys hair and Claudias dress so amazing!!! Its the mix of 90s fashion icons!! This Spring campaign, shot by Stevan Klein its Oliviers favorite shot.Oliver Rousting said that with this campaign he wanted to go back to Balmains roots. These three woman are what made me love fashion yesterday, make me love fashion today, and are going to make me love fashion in the future says Rousting.

Starring: Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell.

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I felt like I was dreaming as I was watching the photo shoot, because I knew it was going to be something iconic that I would never forget, he said.

high street

novaaa 2

novaaa 3


wearing: zara jacket and tee, levis 501 vintage shorts, h&m tights, balmain booties.

casual, simple lace up, just another day, getting ready for those cold days. xx

leopard touch

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wearing: vintage fur jacket, zara tee (here) h&m jeans, balmain booties.

This si one of my favorite jackets that i own i could wear it forever its absolutely perfect it just never goes out of style its so wearble, this tee is amazing its so simple and it gives soft touch to any look im so in love with this slits!!!!

pfw saint laurent

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I couldnt help but think…. are those the ugliest models ever ?? i mean common…..!! Except  that im in love with everything from this show. Those sexy sleep dresses are amazing, that messy hair, no make up make up look (well if u are not ugly as this models) tiny jewels, just like i love to wear it, tiny bretelle on those dresses and that cute tiny white tee, and those tiny straps on sandals so many tiny effective stuff. And of course that crown! Just thet they could know that u are a queen in a sleep dress of that hot summer night! Oh yeah im already there..