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chic and simple

Its all about being chic and fabulous, but yet simple at the same time!! Love tkees flipflops those are my favorite and celbs favs as well, its no wonder cous they are so comfortable and wearable and easy to carry in case u wish to switch heels!! Thay match any look and can be worn everywhere mine are shiny black once i also have light pink once but where them mostly to the beach.  

                                                                                                                  shop tho look:


d dress

silver 2

dress designed by me (contact angelasmode@gmail.com)

D other way

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wearing: sandro bomber, balmain booties, frame jeans, gucci squere sunnies.

Im usually not into this colors but i love this other side of my Sandro bomber is super fun and i love that fact that many bombers can be worn both sides, is like u have two jackets in one :p

shop my faves here:

the skinny jean curve !!

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gucci square sunnies (similar), forever 21 jeans, h&m denim jacke

Thinking of white jeans is  there anything cooler than white jeans and cuter than white jeans this season ill be all about white jeans im thinking of getting frame once than again i think replay touch once are pretty cool talking about skinny once cous i got this flare once from forever 21 and i just love them. I was searching for denim jacket a while found this one super cool fit and amazing washed denim look.





wearing: sandro-paris bomber, iro bra, forever 21 man jeans, balmain laceup booties, gucci havana sunnies.

I found this babe at breuninger German favorite dont forget to step by if u go there. This loving bomber is from my newly favorite sandro-paris along other french brands isabel marant, iro this one is surely another go to high brand that i admire. This bomber its so powerful u can wear it with heels and sneakers which is super cool.

zebra print coat

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wearing: benetton merino wool sweater, miss sixty old ripped jeans, coat vintage, thights .

Those days im rocking this  zebra print coat that is a gift from my loving ant, its super urban and so fun to wear i havent post for a while been in Germany  found some super stuff 🙂 anyway im so into mid length coats this season !! Zebra is never out of style!

snow queen



waering: fur coat vinatge, merino wool sweater benetton, choker h&m , pants acne.

 This is my favorite coat love it so so much its vintage its super classy super worm and u feel like a princess in it im also so in love with my new choker i got the other day.

xx, lot of llove in this year!

#look of the day !!

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jacket: balenciaga, tee wang, leather pants h&m, boots zara (old)

leather pants, leather pants i cant get enough from you!! Love those and this fav. best fit jacket ofcourse thinking of getting those shiny once Anthony Vaccarello here which are sold out everywhere i also found similar once at H&M so maybe ill get those (here) which are actually more high rise than Vaccarello once. Im also thinking of getting some wool sweaters and some worm sexy tights cous thats all u really need for winter with some fine boots and some shearling jacket and effective mini skirt to rock winter and jeans are always welcome into my wardrobe.